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 Our Place

The Glitterdent Dental Clinic is situated in the township of Negombo.  ‘What is so special about this Sri Lankan Dental Clinic? ‘You might ask.  Good question! Needs a good answer.

The Glitterdent Dental Surgery is a dental clinic which has the latest state of the art equipment, uses the latest techniques in dentistry and has much experience in serving our local clients as well as foreign clients, most of whom come to Sri Lanka with the express intention of getting our services to acquire that wonderful smile.

Our premises are spacious. We have a separate surgery for dental implants.
It is equipped with the most modern surgical instruments.

Our local clientele is always supportive. They are happy with us because our charges are extremely reasonable, not to mention our friendly and efficient service.

The Glitterdent Dental Clinic is where  Dr.Chrysanthus Silva, the dental wizard, weaves his magic.

If you are a visitor from some other part of the world and are in need of dental services, we invite you to come to us. Mix pleasure with pleasure. Come to Sri Lanka. Enjoy the beauty of this island and enjoy the hospitality of our people. While enjoying the finest holiday of your life take time off to visit us and acquire that wonderful smile you have always wanted.

Please contact us, the Sri Lankan Dental Clinic, on any of these telephone numbers

Tel.(+94) 031 2222969 HotLine (+94) 0775988370