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           TAKE YOU MILES

                        AND FAST

Everybody yearns to be beautiful, handsome, good looking, and attractive. They spend much time and money on beauty care, body sculpting and the rest of it.

It is said that beautiful people find life to be much easier, more enjoyable and more successful.

Nobody has any quarrel with people making attempts to achieve good looks.

But do you know that you can enhance your looks greatly in a second without spending a single cent. Yes. You can double or more your attractiveness in an instant.

Really? But how ! You may ask.

Simple.  Smile. Just smile and look in the mirror. See how attractive you are.

There are many people who do not smile. There can be many reasons why some people never smile. Among them the major reason seems to be problems with their teeth. People who have discolored, broken, jagged, uneven teeth or have teeth with caries, or have unsightly gaps are ashamed to smile. They try to smile without showing their teeth. Or simply give up smiling altogether. In return these unsmiling glum faces sour their very nature, turning them into unpleasant people.

If you are headed towards  this unhappy situation, you need not worry any longer.

Close to Bandaranaike International Airport in Sri Lanka is the seaside township called Negombo, and Negombo is where Dr. Chrysanthus Silva has his miracle making dental clinic. He will give you an all enchanting smile that you will be proud to flash at anyone without a qualm.

If you are from a developed country where this sort of treatment costs a fortune and half, why don’t you consider paying a holiday visit to our beautiful island and acquiring a charming smile.

Wherever in the world you are just ring up Dr. Silva on any of these Telephone numbers Tel.(+94) 031 2222969 Hot Line (+94) 0775988370 and make an appointment with him. He will give you a dazzling smile that will enchant the world.


If you need further information on how Dr. Silva can help you acquire that terrific smile, just click open the following pages.

And keep on smiling.